Snorkel & Dive by Vacation Rentals in Playa del Carmen

While enjoying vacation rentals in Playa Del Carmen, be sure to take pleasure in the beautiful beaches and blue water. Staying on top of the water canoeing, kayaking, swimming and sailing is always good. But for this vacation, try being a little more adventurous and daring. Give snorkeling and scuba diving a go. There are several companies that offer snorkeling and diving packages for you to indulge in during your stay at a Playa Del Carmen rental.

Diving with Pluto

For those who are curious about scuba diving, make plans to have a scuba diving excursion with Pluto Dive. Guests can create their own scuba diving package or reserve a space for one of theirs. Your cavern guide is trained and certified and will show you how to have fun in this adventurous water activity. Be brave and try your hand at cenote scuba diving. There is no special equipment needed. All you need is imagination as you dive in from the platform and go up to 70 feet under water. Your trained guide is just an arms-length away so you will be safe. Explore the cenotes, sacred wells as they are called, to see fossil fishes, shells with quartz in them, stalactites and stalagmites.

Seeing Sea Turtles

To see the beautiful underwater coral reefs and sea turtles, reef diving near your Playa del Carmen vacation rental is the way to go. Dive off a boat and go underwater 49 feet to explore the caves and examine the sponges. Depending on the season, watch out for the sharks, tarpons and other large fish. You will feel like you're flying when the underwater currents move you around the dive site. If you are an experienced diver, then be sure to check out Mama Vina. This ship sunk in 1996 and is now home to such schooling fishes as barracudas and jacks. Besides coral reef, this vessel has stinging hydroids.

A Snorkeling Experience

Have a fun day during your Playa del Carmen getaway by going on a snorkeling tour. Many places in the city offer snorkeling excursions lasting anywhere from four to six hours. By boat or shore, enjoy exploring the underwater coves, examining the colorful coral reefs, and have eye contact with a multitude of tropical fishes. Before your expedition is over, be sure to check out the world's second largest and longest barrier reef. Other sea creatures to get up close and personal with are lobsters, sea horses, sea turtles and spotted eagle rays.

There are plenty of vacation rentals in Playa del Carmen. VacationHomes will help you find just the rental you're looking for. They can even assist you with finding one that offers a snorkeling or diving tour. This can save you time and money. Travelers can search by amenities, price or location. You will definitely find one that fits your specific needs.