Find a Warm Climate for a Condo Rental

Many people think of US tropical vacation destinations when seeking a warm climate for a condo rental. Thoughts of lush greenery and beach surf are envisioned; however, there are other vacation options that will allow you to enjoy a warm climate. An arid, warm climate may be equally intriguing. A warm climate rental may be found near Saguaro National Park in Arizona, Waikiki Beach in Hawaii and the Florida Keys.  A Tucson rental is a great way to experience a warm climate on your vacation.  

Saguaro National Park, Arizona

In the second largest city in Arizona, your desert-like vacation begins with saguaros (cacti the size of trees) greeting you upon entry. The Eastern Rincon Mountain District and Western Tucson Mountain District sit within 91,327 acres that surround Tucson, Arizona.

Vacationers will enjoy the prehistoric rock art known as petroglyphs that are found in the park. The Hohokam people, during their hunting and gathering expeditions, created these art displays thousands of years ago.

For the less adventurous, you will be relieved to know that six out of seven of the picnic spots available can be viewed from your car. For the adventurous, hiking becomes more vigorous through King Canyon Trail from the Mam-A-Gah Picnic area. Through the Mica Area, the Santa Catalina Mountains and Rincon Mountains are seen. The Tanque Verde Ridge Trail begins from the Javelina Picnic Area and Tucson surprises you with panoramic scenery through it. From the Bajada Loop Drive, the Sus, Signal Hill, and Ez-Kim-In-Zim Picnic Areas are passed through. Panther and Safford Peak can be seen from the Cam-Boh Picnic ground.

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii 

You can watch an outdoor movie during Sunset on the Beach, parasail over the water to your heart's content, eat tasty Hawaiian specialties during the luau show, play golf and be pampered with a dinner cruise. For sightseeing, Diamond Head challenges you with a volcanic climb worth one and a half hours, or by riding the coach towards its peak. The Honolulu Zoo and Shell Amphitheater are enjoyed at Kapiolani Park. Hawaiian art and culture is eminent through the Polynesian Centre. Encounters with dolphins and sting rays happen at Sea Life Park. Shark viewing is among the activities done in the Waikiki Aquarium. 

Florida Keys, Florida

The Florida Keys are the dream national tropical destination for US citizens and many foreign visitors. Bridges and causeways connect the islands that form 110 miles of recreation for you. Sunken wrecks can be observed through diving and snorkeling in Key Largo. Bone fishing is popular at Islamorada. Vacation resorts abound in Marathon Key. Boating enthusiasts come together in the Big Pine Key and Lower Florida Keys. Diving, snorkeling, fishing and bird-watching are the preferred activities when you visit Looe Key. Beach walking, watching the sunset and exploring downtown are great options in Key West.

Before you find yourself in Arizona, Hawaii or Florida, keep in mind that the easiest way to find a condo rental is by visiting  A Tucson rental makes you feel warm and cozy with all the Sonoran scenery surrounding you. Whether it's the desert or the ocean you want as your vacation backdrop, getting the right condo rental is essential for a satisfying vacation; you can find it by using VacationHomes' easy sort features.  You can search by price, location or amenities desired.

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