Explore State Parks near Panama City Beach Vacation Rentals

When staying at Panama City beach vacation rentals, explore the many wonderful state parks near the city. Panama City Beach, Florida is a perfect destination for anyone looking for a great vacation rental. Their white sugary sand beach stretches for 27 miles. With 320 days of sunshine, a water temperature averaging 70 degrees and air temperature averaging 74 degrees, a fun filled vacation awaits you at Panama City Beach. Staying at a Panama City Beach rental gets you closer to many of the state parks near the city.  

St. Andrews State Park

Famous for its emerald green seas and white sugary sands, St. Andrews State Park was a military reservation in the past. Located in Panama City, the state park has more than one and a half miles of beaches on the Grand Lagoon and the Gulf of Mexico. Those who enjoy water sports will surely have fun snorkeling, canoeing, swimming, kayaking and scuba diving here. For those travelers who are looking for chances to fish, the park has a jetty, a boat ramp and two fishing piers. Also perfect for bird watching, St. Andrews State Park has two nature paths that pass through a wide range of coastal plant areas. The beach is a perfect place to find a vacation rental if you simply want to unwind and sunbathe. People also stay here overnight since the park is fully equipped with campsite facilities and youth group camping is commonplace.

Camp Helen State Park

Camp Helen State Park, located in Panama City Beach, is enclosed by Lake Powell (one of the State of Florida's biggest coastal dune lakes) and on 3 sides by the Gulf of Mexico. Primitive middens and mounds suggest that people resided in this area over 4,000 years ago. Camp Helen State Park used to be a company resort for the Alabama textile mill from the years 1945 to 1987. The park, which has an area of 180 acres, is only open during the day. Popular activities in the park are hiking, beachcombing, swimming, freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing and nature study.

Eden Gardens State Park

Situated on Point Washington, Florida, Eden Gardens State Park has an area of 161 acres. The heart of the park is the brilliantly restored Wesley house with two stories. The house has a wraparound porch and extremely stylish white columns. Eden Gardens State Park got its name from a rich Florida timber family. It was part of their estate. Lois Maxon purchased and restored the house in 1963 with a display area for her family antiques and heirlooms. The Wesley house is home to the second biggest collection of Louis XVI furniture known in the US. Guests may also walk down the grounds and relax at the picnic area.

vacation rental in Panama City Beach will offer you more fun than you can possibly expect. You can even find a vacation rental near state parks if you know where to look. Visit the VactionHomes homepage by clicking for a list of Panama City beach vacation rentals. It's very easy. You can even sort your search by amenities, price or location.

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