Listings of Tallahassee Rental Homes, and 3 Hiking & Running Trails

Tallahassee rental houses are ideal for experienced and novice hikers and runners alike. In addition to the history and natural beauty of Tallahassee, there are also a great variety of hiking and running trails. Travelers staying in one of the Southern Dunes vacation homes can experience these three hiking and running trails located within the Tallahassee area.

1. The Florida Trail in Apalachicola National Forest

The Florida Trail in Apalachicola National Forest is a scenic trail that is the total of 68.7 miles in length. It is made up of unpaved paths that compose one of the most remote hiking trails in not only the area, but all of Florida. The trail is mostly flat and has dry pine and palmetto forests. A few swamp-like areas are present on the trail and during times of heavy rains part of the trail may be flooded. This trail is more suited for runners and, due to the length and remote quality of the trail, it is suggested that runners with trail experience should try their hand at the Florida Trail. Be sure to bring plenty of water, a map and preferably a running buddy.

2. The Garden of Eden Trail in Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve

The Garden of Eden Trail is located in the Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve. This hiking and running trail is located in one of the most unique areas of Florida. The preserve protects a steephead ravine, which has a wide selection of plants and animals that are special to the area. The trail is about three and a half miles in length and is composed of unpaved paths. The length and gorgeous scenery are good for both novice and experienced hikers or runners. Remember that when hiking or running near the bluff area, which is an active slide zone, to pay close attention to the trail signs. It is also important to stay on the designated trail because abandoned sections of the trail can be dangerous.

3. Tallahassee-St. Marks Historical Railroad State Trail

The Historic Railroad State Trail goes from Tallahassee to the coastal city of St. Marks. This is the same route that the railroad took in the early 1900s. The trail is made of paved pathways and is great for runners. The entire length of the trail is quite a long distance, but depending on experience, guests can go as far as they wish. The trail is a means to see the history of Tallahassee up-close and experience the beauty of the city's wilderness. Although the trail is paved it is still important to bring a map and be aware of how far you are traveling on the trail.

To experience any one of the Tallahassee hiking and running trails while enjoying your next Southern Dunes vacation home, explore You can search for the price, location and amenities that best suit all your vacation needs.

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