New Orleans Vacation Rentals Listings, and the Top Attractions of the French Quarter

If you're staying at a New Orleans vacation rental, you simply cannot miss the French Quarter. Also known as Vieux Carré, the French Quarter is the most famous neighborhood in New Orleans. It is also the oldest, as it was founded in 1718 at the same time the New Orleans was established by Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. The French Quarter is a National Historic Landmark and contains some of the most fascinating points of interest in the region. Here are some of those you should visit while you're at the New Orleans vacation homes.

Le Petite Theatre du Vieux Carre

Le Petite Theatre du Vieux Carre is a 94-year-old community theater founded in 1916. It began operations when a group of theater enthusiasts organized a play in one of the members' drawing room. This theater was refurbished in 2004. Now, various performances, musical, comedies and dramas, are held here every year. If you're a theater lover, there is no way you should miss this attraction.  

Mardi Gras Museum at Arnaud's

The Germaine Cazenave Wells Mardi Gras Museum sits inside the Arnaud's Restaurant. What makes this attraction unique and memorable is its fine collection of Carnival costumes, court gowns and mementos used by Mrs. Wells and her family during the historic period. Mrs. Wells reigned supreme in so many Mardi Gras courts during the time of the Carnival. The museum inside the restaurant is open to the public and is free of charge during the opening hours of the restaurant.

New Orleans African-American Museum

Nestled within Treme, the country's oldest African-American community, the New Orleans African-American Museum strives to preserve, protect and promote the art and history not only in this area but in the entire country as well. Here, you will find historical artifacts that recount the vivid history of African-Americans in the United States.

Odyssey Shipwreck & Treasure Adventure

Another interesting attraction to visit would be the interactive shipwreck and treasure site of Odyssey, wherein you would see and hear the story of the Civil War-era ship called SS Republic, which sank in a hurricane in 1865 while sailing from the state of New York to New Orleans. In 2003, Odyssey company discovered the shipwreck 1,700 feet below the surface. During the discovery, there were about 51,000 gold and silver coins recovered along with more than 10,000 historical artifacts.

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

One of the top 5 aquariums in the United States can be found in New Orleans. It comes by the name Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. Here is where you will see the country's largest collection of jellyfish and sharks. Apart from these 2 creatures, you will also encounter vast array of animal species ranging from the rare white gator to penguins and otters. The place also has a changing-exhibit gallery, which you should you also see during your visit. This attraction is open all days during the week except Mondays. 

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