Lesser-Known Spots for an Oceanfront Vacation Rental

The soothing sound of the ocean and the soft ocean breeze makes an ideal reward for a job well done and by staying in an oceanfront vacation rental, you will be able to get that much needed rest and relaxation. Going to lesser-known destinations is one way for you to enjoy a serene and relaxing getaway.

Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle is a gem situated in the Bogue Banks of North Carolina. It is known for its beautiful beaches and serene surroundings. Visitors should be informed that going around town are mostly done in bicycles or taxis since there is no public transport in the area. Also beach driving is allowed only in particular period, so it is highly advisable to take this in consideration before booking your Emerald Isle vacation rental reservation.

Emerald Isle maintains a family-friendly atmosphere all throughout the town. Small and large homes, as well as condominium units line up the town's oceanfront. At times, visitors will encounter foxes, deer, raccoons and squirrels, and sporadically there are bear and alligator during your vacation, as such, you can borrow small traps for small animals from the town should these animals become a nuisance.

Being an oceanfront town, expect a number of water activities all over the town. Guests are encouraged to abide strictly with the town's regulations on the use of its parks and beaches to ensure safety for all.

Many beaches in Emerald Isle offers bike rack, parking, picnic pavilions, volleyball courts, restrooms and showers, as well as access for persons with disability. Beach wheel chairs are available for check from the Emerald Isle Fire Station #1 on a first come-first served basis.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico boasts a scenic shoreline in the Caribbean. There are many clubs, bars, cafes, discos where most of the locals usually go.  Not many people know that Puerto Rico has one of the most exciting club scenes among its neighbors. While people travel to Puerto Rico for the nightclubs, many go to Puerto Rico to visit the beautiful parks and forests in the area. There are several ocean view condominiums in the area to accommodate tourists. Snorkeling is very popular in Puerto Rico and going on a guided eco adventure is one of the best ways to spend your Puerto Rican vacation. Going on a nature trip is also famous in this oceanfront destination. Acampa Nature Adventures is an excellent guided service and is the no.1 in Puerto Rican nature adventure industry. If you decide to join this tour, you better bring a digital camera with you because there are lots of beautiful spots you should click that shutter to. If you are feeling lazy, you can just sit back or lay down in your oceanfront vacation rental and listen to the sound of the ocean.

If you are looking for an Emerald Isle vacation rental, or any other lesser known ocean getaways, check the VacationHomes website for more details on the prices, amenities and location of your oceanfront vacation rental.

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