5 Annual Festivals by Your Hilton Head Summer Rental

A vacation getaway in a Hilton Head summer rental is something you don't want to miss. Hilton Head is famous for its calm beaches, lush landscaping and family-friendly activities during the long hot days of summer. Hilton Head Island is known for its 12-mile stretch of beautiful beaches, golf courses and outdoor activities such as water skiing, parasailing and kayaking. All you have to do is reserve a Hilton Head Rental home and spare yourself the cost of expensive hotels.

Harbor Fest

Known as Shelter Cove's signature summer event, Harbor Fest is celebrated in the months of April through September. The celebration features live evening entertainment all week long, arts and craft expos, and spectacular fireworks displays. Events and activities are usually free and open to the public. The fireworks show is the main highlight of the event and definitely lights up the entire island's dusky skies. Make sure you get a summer rental way ahead of time and spare yourself from the booking hassles as the event draws near.

Hilton Head Seafood Fest

The island's Seafood festival is held annually in the spring at the Shelter Cove Community Park. This festive celebration showcases restaurants all over the island and their seafood menus and specialties. Aside from the different food kiosk that you will find, guests are also constantly entertained by the music of local artists and bands. One of the major highlights of the celebration is the Iron Chef Competition. The contest is patterned on the famous Food Network Show "Iron Chef." Local chefs are given only an hour to make an appetizer and an entrée from the mystery ingredient. The finished culinary masterpieces are judged based on creativity, taste, composition and presentation. The top 3 chefs are awarded with trophies and cash prizes.

Verizon Heritage PGA Tournament

The PGA Tournament is perhaps Hilton Head's favorite summer sporting event. Hosted by Verizon Heritage, this event is known to be one of the country's most prestigious golf tournaments. The annual proceeds of the tournament are usually donated to several institutions in the country. Over the years, the event has donated more than $18.4 million to charitable groups and organizations.

The Hilton Head Island Food and Wine Festival

Hilton Head Island has continually promoted its food and wine culinary expertise over the years. This island-wide event features activities such as public tasting and auctions, grand wine testing, wine competitions and so much more. Outdoor gourmet showcases island chefs preparing their food on site. Local chefs usually feature home grown products on their recipes. Get a chance to get up close and personal with these brilliant chefs with a premium admission ticket.

The Seafood Jazz and Brew Festival

Check out what's brewing on Hilton Island during the summer months. Launched in 2006, the Seafood Jazz & Brew Festival showcases the finest brewed beers in town. Relax, unwind and enjoy jazz music as you savor the taste of premium beers from around the country. You can also indulge your palate with food off the best seafood menus that the island has to offer.

In between festivals, be sure to enjoy the other activities that surround your summer rental in Hilton Head. The best place to find your Hilton Head rental is at VacationHomes.com, where you'll be able to sort by price and features to find a place that is ideal for you and your family.

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