A Guide to Isle of Palms Vacation Rentals, plus Discover Fun Water Attractions

There really isn't a better way to experience the water than staying at Isle of Palms vacation rentals. With plenty of water attractions around the South Carolina city, there isn't much excuse to be staying inside on your vacation. Discover all the water fun that Isle of Palms has to offer.

Tidal Wave Water Sports

Tidal Wave Water Sports is the destination for any type of water activity. Whether it's parasailing or simply tubing, this Isle of Palms location has everything a water enthusiast would want. Tidal Wave Water Sport specializes in providing locals and tourists alike with all the amenities to participate in water sports and other outdoor fun. Mostly all activities need to be planned ahead of time by making a reservation. The list of water activities to choose from is quite extensive. Guests can parasail, water ski, wakeboard, jet ski, tube and go on a banana boat. Visitors can even go on a guided jet ski tour of the area. Everything can be planned for one or more people and the duration of the activity depends on the price paid. Prices range from $30 to $150 per person.

Barrier Island Eco-tours

The Barrier Island Eco-tours is a water attraction like no other. It allows visitors to dive into both the natural and educational side of Isle of Palm. Visitors can choose from a variety of excursions that will let them explore the surrounding area. These excursions include guided boat tours, dolphin discovery, kayak trips, crabbing and fishing trips and marine biology camp for kids. Visitors can even schedule an all-inclusive excursion that includes all of the other excursions in one trip. The guided boat tours can take the largest groups of people out to explore the nearby islands. Typical animals sighted on these tours include dolphins, eagles, egret, herons and much more. Kayaking trips can be taken during the day or at sunset. Barrier Island Eco-tours staff will also take guests through the entire process of catching and cooking crabs and fish. Prices for excursions at Barrier Island Eco-tours range from $35 to $90.

Isle of Palm County Park

The Isle of Palm County Park is one of the best places in South Carolina to spend an afternoon. It is over 600 feet of beach and home to flat sandy shores and low crashing waves. The beach has a ton of special amenities, which includes restrooms, picnic tables, chair rentals, showers and a dressing area. There is also a boardwalk and children's playground nearby. While at the Isle of Palm County Park visitors can swim, skimboard, boogieboard or simply soak up the sun. There is a small fee for parking, which is normally about $7 per vehicle.

To experience all the water attractions near your Isle of Palms vacation home, visit VacationHomes.com. You can search for the price, location and amenities that will work best for you and your vacation needs.

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