An Isle of Palms Vacation Homes Guide, and Unique Wildlife Watching

The Isle of Palms vacation homes will have you in the center of all the best wildlife attractions and destinations of South Carolina. From going to a nature reserve for bird watching, to going through the marshlands of South Carolina, there is an endless supply of activities for the wildlife lover right around the corner from your Isle of Palms vacation home.

Birding from Isle of Palms Vacation Homes

As soon as you arrive at the vacation home in the Isle of Palms, you will be able to hear the birds calling from every direction. With over 200 species of bird being watched in the area, you will easily be able to spot various birds and get some great photographs.

Eco Tours on the Doorstep of Isle of Palms Vacation Homes

If learning about one of the few remaining natural and untouched barrier islands of the East Coast interests you, then go on the Barrier Island Eco Tour. The boat outings are trips to remember, as you explore the vast barrier islands of South Carolina. You can also go on Dolphin Sunset Cruises, Beachside Cookouts, Capers Island Wildlife Exploration trips or even charter the boat privately.

Explore the Marshlands near the Isle of Palms Vacation Homes

The Salt Water Marsh Explorer is the perfect vessel to board to discover some of the most astonishing ecosystems the marshlands have to offer. The guided trips are narrated by specialist marine biologists who will show you the amazing marine life that reside in the marshlands, such as sea urchins, various fish, crabs and many more.

Dolphin Watching near your Isle of Palms Vacation Homes

Jump onboard the 'Holiday' and go for a cruise on calm waters and view the dolphins as they play. For 1 hour 45 minutes, you can enjoy the beautiful marine animals in their natural habitat splashing and breaching in and out of the water.

Visit the Game Preserve Next to your Isle of Palms Vacation Homes

The Pinckney Island covers just over 4,000 acres of land and is the home to many species of fish and wildlife. With close to 60 percent of the region consisting of salt marsh, and tidal pools and creeks, you will find a large variety of birds and other wildlife, such as the white-tailed deer and American alligators. This is definitely a place to explore when in South Carolina.

State Parks by the Isle of Palms Vacation Homes

The South Carolina State Park ranges from historic buildings and areas to natural wilderness areas and all feature various programs and activities that are suited for people of all ages. Whatever your preference is, natural history or wildlife and nature, the guided programs the State Parks have to offer will bring the amazing and beautiful world of nature right to your feet.

There is so much you are able to enjoy involving the wildlife of South Carolina when you have an Isle of Palms vacation home. By simply visiting, you will able to organize your vacation in no time. You can also search for accommodations by price, location and amenities.

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