Listing to Isle of Palms Vacation Rentals, and Explore the Wilderness on an Eco Tour

Just a few minutes away from the shore, Isle of Palms beach rentals give you the pleasures and comforts of your home. With lush green forests and teeming wildlife, Isle of Palms is a perfect spot for some ecological adventures. Book your Isle of Palms vacation home well ahead of your trip and enjoy the green tour to the maximum.

Aquarium of South Carolina

A true wonder, the aquarium houses some of the unique wildlife such as penguins, turtles, sharks and otters. As part of the eco-tour, you will learn to appreciate the wildlife and their way of living. Take a tour of the Mountain Forest Aviary and find out how these living things survive in the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina. Visitors have the chance to walk through an area where they can find magnificent waterfalls underneath rocky gorges that houses species of songbirds. 

The tour package also includes the Saltmarsh Aviary, which is a 2,500 square foot exhibit that has a fantastic view of the Charleston Harbor. With an almost surreal kayaking experience, you get to travel salt marsh tidal creeks and see how plants, birds and marine life survive.

Barrier Island Excursions

For a breath-taking ecological tour, the Barrier Island salt marsh excursions will be perfect. With various sized charters, you will be on an adventure trip that will allow you to witness dolphins at a close point. As part of the tour, you can enjoy a family day that you have always wanted. You can even take a sunset cruise that will help you enjoy some of the spectacular sights in the Low country. 

You can also explore the undeveloped barrier islands, Capers Island Heritage Preserve. The tour includes Capers Island Wildlife Exploration, Creek Fishing and much more.

Each trip will have their corresponding timeframes to complete the tour. The beachside cookout for example takes around three hours to complete. The beachside cookout trip usually cruises up to the Capers Island Preserve. 

Charleston Outdoor Adventures

The great outdoors of the Charleston area is one of the best options for outdoor sports and activities. Providing some of the best outdoor kayaking activities like marsh kayaking, family kayaking and a twilight kayak paddle, you will get to explore the area. If you prefer to have a more serene and peaceful tour, you can try the dolphin encounters, the Morris Island Lighthouse Tideland Treasures and the Charleston Harbor Tours.

A Small, yet Unique Vacation Spot

You can rent boats on the shores. You can also rent jet skis, canoes and kayaks if interested and wake-up the explorer in you. If fishing excites you, try deep-sea fishing. The genuine outdoorsman will have the time of his life while spending a day out in the Isle of Palms. The stay in the island is unique because every visitor gets to understand the need for preserving ecology. Bicycle paths that surround the island, beautiful landscapes and waterways are the highlights of this beautiful island. You can also see how volunteer "Turtle Teams" protect the loggerhead turtles as they hatch their babies, just to ensure safety of these wild beings.

For great vacation rentals in the area, visit and make your search easier in terms of price, availability and amenities.

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