See Waterfalls and Wildlife close to Lake Hartwell Cabins

On a vacation in the mountains of North Georgia, stay in one of the Lake Hartwell cabins; these cabins come with all amenities and are suitable for 3 to 6 people. The lake is surrounded by 2 million acres of mountains and forests; the area has hundreds of spectacular waterfalls and parks teeming with wildlife. Here are some falls and wild life sanctuaries to visit.

Toccoa Falls

This falls is located a few miles north of Toccoa inside the campus of the Toccoa Falls College in St Stephens County. The waterfall has a vertical drop of 190 feet. You can walk around the rock formations at the base of the falls or simply sit back and admire its beauty. There is a gift shop at the entrance to the falls. A fee of $1 is charged for entry into the falls as of January 2011.

Anna Ruby Falls

Located in the Unicoi State Park; this is a twin waterfall with 2 streams merging at the base of the falls. Curtis Creek has a drop of 150 feet, while the York falls by 50 feet. The falls is accessible through a half-mile trail in the Anna Ruby Falls Scenic area.

Wildlife in Lake Hartwell

The Lake Hartwell wildlife project is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This project covers an area of over 80,000 acres of water and land. Bird life in the area includes the endangered peregrine falcon and the American bald eagle. You can also see bluebirds, purple martins, eastern screech owls, flying squirrels and Carolina chickadees.

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