Live Entertainment near North Myrtle Beach House Rentals

Although North Myrtle Beach is known as a beautiful place to be outdoors day or night, it might be fun to switch it up and check out the local attractions as well. Try something new and have a look at some of North Myrtle Beach live entertainment, activities and exciting attractions both indoors and outdoors, just a hop away from North Myrtle Beach house rentals.

Live Theater Shows

Voted one of South Carolina's "most outstanding attractions," the Carolina Opry is just one of the many great shows produced by Gilmore Entertainment of North Myrtle Beach. Noted for its stunning laser light show, Gilmore brings constant wonder to your eyes with its state-of-the-art light show to the classic tunes of your favorite artists, including the Beatles, holiday classics, family appropriate fun and the most recently added, Good Vibrations show.

Using the same technology as touring bands such as Pink Floyd, Gilmore Entertainment offers reasonably priced tickets for an hour long presentation, which allows you to sit back and be amazed before you get back out to the beautiful weather and your house rental.

Sports Activities

If you want to try something different, but you would like to continue enjoying the picturesque scenery around you, try some of the local activities, including miniature golf. With several courses in the North Myrtle Beach area, including the Hawaiian Caverns, Treasure Island Golf and the very notorious Hawaiian Rumble course, you really can't miss go wrong.

If, however, you are more of a spectator when it comes to sports, check out the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, farm team to the Atlanta Braves, at Coastal Federal Field for an exciting afternoon of baseball, hot dogs and fun in the sun.

Local Bar Establishments

Everybody wants to loosen up in North Myrtle Beach, sit back and relax. If you're looking to join them, give Fat Harold's Beach Club a try. Repeat winner of the Beach Club of the Year Award, Fat Harold's is the place to be to shoot some pool, have a drink with friends and listen to some great tunes.

Have a quiet night and meet some good people while you enjoy some drinks at Dick's Last Resort, one of the most notorious local dive bars. Dick's is a great place if you are not into big crowds and dance music, but don't be fooled, you'll still have a good time.

Comedy Clubs

Before you head back to your North Myrtle Beach rental, stop in for a laugh and end the day on a high note. Many people enjoy the Comedy Cabana for a good chuckle, but if you want full entertainment, it might be up your alley to see Alabama perform at Barefoot Landing.

This group, teamed up with Gaylord Entertainment, provides heaps of talent in their production, including various types of live music, dancing and even comedy. This might be a good choice if you want a little bit of everything in entertainment without breaking the bank.

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