Guide to Seabrook Island Vacation Rentals, plus Top Beaches Around Seabrook Island

Seabrook Island vacation rentals are easy to find when you start your planning with Vacation Homes. Located in Charleston County, South Carolina, this small private island community has a lengthy history, beautiful beaches and vast recreation opportunities. Seabrook Island is home to many top beaches close to plenty of accommodations. Your Seabrook Island vacation home may be right on the beach, or further inland: it's up to you. Vacation Homes has handy online filter features that allow you to customize your search.

While Seabrook Island is quite secluded, it's also surprisingly close to the busy city of Charleston. Its pristine beaches attract visitors each year, plus provide relaxation year round for its permanent residents. Its beaches are uncrowded, its natural bounty is widespread and its appeal knows no age boundaries. Great for adults and little ones alike, the beaches of Seabrook Island invite all to enjoy their shores.

Local Beaches

There are a couple of different beaches here. North Beach, one of the widest beaches around, is private with rolling sand dunes and great views of the Atlantic. Wildlife thrive here, especially the protected loggerhead turtles, which do their nesting here. Temperatures here are temperate to subtropical. Spring is a great time to visit, as temps really heat up as these months wear on. Summer can be hot, but the constant ocean breezes provide a reprieve. And you won't feel it get cold here till late fall, which then gives way to a mild winter.

Pelican Beach on the island's south side is located right near the beach club facilities, providing an open area for outdoor events, concerts and parties. You'll find lots of sunbathers and beach frolickers here, along with sightseers who just can't resist watching the sun set over the North Edisto River Inlet.

Day Trip to Charleston

After enjoying a pleasant breakfast at your Seabrook Island vacation home, take a drive a few miles away to historic Charleston, South Carolina's largest city. There, you'll find even more shoreline to dip your toes in. With more than 200 miles of beaches, Charleston boasts a beautiful coastline brimming with family-friendly activities. Do some boating, fishing, seashell collecting, swimming or simply nothing at all. Hit the popular Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach, where you'll come across one of the best beaches on the East Coast according to the Travel Channel. 

Secluded Beaches

Low country beaches like Edisto Island and Fripp Island offer more secluded destinations, great for families and singles alike. Get in touch with nature at Edisto Island, a quiet beach featuring great dining, abundant wildlife and plenty of family-oriented activities. Fripp Island, a wildlife sanctuary, is also relatively uncrowded. The historic beaches of Charleston feature vast shorelines, marshlands, old lighthouses and tasty coastal fare.

If all this sounds like your perfect way to spend a few days or a week away, consult Vacation Homes for your planning process. Decide whether you want luxury accommodations, an understated cottage or beachfront condo. You're sure to find a great Seabrook Island vacation home close to all the top beaches.

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