Seabrook Island Vacation Rental Listings, and 6 Can't-Miss Local Events

While making plans to stay at a Seabrook Island vacation rental, also make sure your visit coincides with one of the local events on the island. There are several unique events in Seabrook Island and Charleston that are a must.

1. The Bohicket Invitational Billfish Tournament

The Bohicket Invitational Billfish Tournament is an event on Seabrook Island held in June. This tournament is the Governor's Cup Billfishing Series' third leg. The three-day event is held by providing points to participants for tagging and releasing billfish. The Bohicket Invitational Billfish Tournament is organized by the Bohicket Marina and Yacht Club.

2. Blessing of the Fleet and Seafood Festival

Spend a little time away from your Seabrook Island vacation home and participate in the Blessing of the Fleet and Seafood Festival in Charleston, about 30 minutes away. This annual event is held to celebrate and bless the fleets of the local shrimp community. This traditional blessing of the fleet is done to bless each of the shrimp vessels that pass through the Charleston Harbor. It also signals the start of the shrimp season in South Carolina. Expect to sample some of the shrimps South Carolina is known for aside from the various entertainment that is featured during the festival.

3. Seabrook Island's Turtle Nesting Season

Although not as lively as the other events and festivals on Seabrook Island, the island's turtle nesting season is an exciting event that draws out a sizable crowd. Around May, loggerhead turtles approach the shores of Seabrook Island to nest and lay their eggs. You can see several dozen of these magnificent creatures come ashore. During this time, you will find the Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol walk along the beach looking for tracks.

4. Charleston Food and Wine Festival

While staying on Seabrook Island, it is also highly recommended that you join the Charleston Food and Wine Festival held every March. The festival is held throughout the peninsula of Charleston's downtown area. The food and wine of South Carolina is showcased as well as several up and coming local chefs. The festival is generally officially opened through a street party. You can sample some of the local wines made from different grape varieties and areas.

5. Charleston Boat Show

Take advantage of Seabrook's proximity to Charleston and participate in the Charleston Boat Show. This event is the biggest boat show and boat sale in the Lowcountry. The event is often held in January at the North Charleston Convention Center. You can check out several types of boats, from the Sea Chasers to World Cats.

6. Kid's Night Out

Kid's Night Out is a program organized by Seabrook residents for children between ages 4 and 12. This event is held generally every Thursday of the week. The program was made to organize fun and entertaining activities and events for kids in the area. This activity includes both indoor and outdoor activities.

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