Hawaii-kauai Vacation Rentals

"Tropical Paradise" is an oft-used phrase when referring to Kauai, one of the most popular of the main Hawaiian Islands. When visitors have the opportunity to stay in a Kauai vacation rental and see first-hand this island of 550 square miles, which was formed some six ...Read more


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Hawaii~kauai Vacation Rentals

"Tropical Paradise" is an oft-used phrase when referring to Kauai, one of the most popular of the main Hawaiian Islands. When visitors have the opportunity to stay in a Kauai vacation rental and see first-hand this island of 550 square miles, which was formed some six million years ago, surrounded by the sparkling waters of the Pacific, they are apt to agree. A lush tropical environment paired with a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere is what Kauai condo guests are treated to yearlong. The oldest of the Hawaiian main islands, Kauai provides guests of Kauai condo rentals with a look into a long and rich history of a thriving Hawaiian culture. Lounging on the beach or exploring the tropical forest inland, guests of Kauai vacation rentals will also discover a plethora of events and countless sites to take in.

A terrific destination for families or couples, finding premier Kauai vacation rentals is easy with VacationHomes.com. Guests of Kauai condo rentals and Kauai beach rentals are immersed in an environment where golfing, surfing, horseback riding, nature walks, luaus, and upscale shopping and dining are all equally attractive and accessible.

The warm waters of the Pacific around Kauai are complimented by ideal temperatures throughout the seasons. During the summer, Kauai condo guests bask in a sun-soaked climate with temperatures in the 70s or low 80s. A calming tropical breeze is prevalent, and rain showers occur usually in the later afternoon/ early evening, and mostly over the mountain ranges.

Attractions and Activities
From the North Shore, to the South Shore, to the Coconut Coast, guests of Kauai condos will find an impressive array of sites from gardens and caves to museums and monuments.

On the North Shore, guests of Kauai vacation rentals can visit the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. At the refuge guests of Kauai beach rentals witness a spectacular display of wild and protected seabirds. In the same region, guests of Kauai condo rentals also have the chance to see the famous sites of Kilauea Lighthouse and Makeana Peak. Nearby Princeville is the largest planned development on Kauai. Visitors staying in Kauai condos frequent this part of the island for its superb golf courses. A wide reef presents excellent snorkeling opportunities.

The Coconut Coast of Kauai is rich in variety, and an important place to visit for Kauai beach rental guests interested in the history and culture of the island. Guests of Kauai vacation rentals can visit many of the island's sacred sites, petroglyphs, and other important cultural sites. This region is also popular with Kauai condo rental guests for the Wailua River, which is perfect for kayaking and boating. Waterfalls, a state park for camping, and the Keahua Forestry Arboretum all add to the rich variety of this region.

Picturesque white sand beaches leading into an expansive rainforest of unique plant and wildlife attracts guests of Kauai condo rentals to West Kauai. Waimea Canyone is one of the largest draws of the region. At about 10-miles in length, and 3,600 feet deep, the canyon was once called the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" by Mark Twain. Guests of Kauai condos and Kauai beach rentals remember the canyon not only for the remarkable display of colors that shimmy along the peaks, but also for vista points unparalleled anywhere else on the island.

South Shore fills Kauai vacation rentals each year for its majestic beaches and historical and scenic sites. At the National Tropical Botanical Garden, guests of Kauai vacation rentals are immersed in an lush, thriving, and vibrant environment of tropical plants and flowers, as well as ancient Hawaiian stone walls and taro terraces.

Where you choose to stay on Kauai, Kauai condo rentals and Kauai beach rentals place you in amongst tropical and cultural splendor. You're always near the water where all the excitement of watersports and relaxation of white sand beaches are available.

Fine-dining with breathtaking views of mountain peaks, greenery, and the glistening waters of the Pacific are easy finds for visitors staying in Kauai condo rentals. Excellent seafood dishes are prepared fresh all over the island. Everything from the traditional Hawaiian dishes prepared at Hukilau Lanai, to burgers, barbecue, Chinese or Thai are each favorites of the region. Whether seeking dishes prepared by world-class chefs, or just a slice of pizza pie, a stay in Kauai condos guarantees culinary satisfaction.

Nightlife and Events
Throughout the year visitors fill Kauai vacation rentals not only for the beaches, but also for the insightful, informative, and cultural events. Guests of Kauai beach rentals will leave the island with a better understanding of Hawaiian arts, crafts, and history.

Yearlong Kauai condo guests will be able to experience craft fairs. The craft fairs occur in an open-air marketplace and feature specifically, but not exclusively, Hawaii made crafts. A hula show often takes place in the afternoon. Eo e Emalani i Alaka'I is an annual event commemorating Queen Emma's journey to Koke'e in 1871. This lively event presents travelers with Hawaiian music, hula, traditional crafts, and a royal procession with the Queen arriving at noon.

The nightlife of Kauai is minimal, as the island is rural and working-class. However, guests of Kauai beach rentals determined to electrify the night have a few options. Enjoying the sunset on the beach with a locally made tropical mai tai is a preferred way to begin an evening. Be sure to stick around after the sunset for the "Green Flash." Shortly after the sunsets Kauai is privy to a natural phenomenon where the sky literally displays a spectacular green flash. Small pubs and taverns scattered over the island can provide for the rest of the evening.

One of the most popular of the Hawaiian islands, Kauai prides itself on its variety of Kauai vacation rentals. It's easy to find romantic and secluded Kauai beach rentals surrounded by tropical birdsong, the faint scent of exotic flowers, and balmy breezes.

A stay in a Kauai condo or Kauai vacation rental guarantees you an endless array of unforgettable scenery, cultural events and sites, as well as watersports and beach activities. With VacationHomes.com you can search for you perfect Kauai condo rental by number of beds and baths, and get information on amenities and availability. Once you've decided on the perfect Kauai vacation rental, VacationHomes.com provides you with the owner's contact information so you can get all you inquiries answered.

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